Mad Mics Mulch and Dark Organic Mulch are organic mulch products created by Mad Mics Organics, LLC; an environmentally friendly organic mulch company. Mad Mics Organics recycles 100% organic materials once considered waste into a beautiful, dark, rich nutritional organic mulch product.

The base ingredient for Mad Mics Mulch is horse bedding, which includes pine shavings, manure, hay and grain. Other ingredients include clean ground leaves.Please be advised that the manure used in our mulch is supplied by horse-only farms, therefore it does not contain manure from any other kind of animals.

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To create Dark Organic Mulch, we mix certified organic ash, wood grindings and leaf grindings. This combination provides a rich, dark color without dyes or chemicals. 

Both Mad Mics Mulch and Dark Organic Mulch add nutrients to your soil to promote healthy, beautiful gardens and plant beds.