What are the reasons to use Mad Mics Mulch?           

oisture retention for your plants, leading to less watering, which helps the environment and saves you money and time.

dds beauty to all landscaping projects.  

ark, rich color will enhance the appearance of all your planting beds.  

ulch that is also a weed suppressant!  Used 3-4 inches in depth, it greatly reduces weed growth.

ncreases ground temperature to help insulate and promote growth of your plants. 

ommitted to creating our mulch by using only Earth friendly and organic landscaping ingredients-  NO DYES!

afe, green organic, only using the finest recycled organic materials.  Many other mulches use first-use trees, and 
     then add chemical dyes to their product.  Simply stay green and keep our planet green!

          MAD MICS MULCH-   100% ORGANIC!

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Benefits of Organic Landscaping with Mad Mics Mulch